Is It Just Me, Or Are Things Are Picking Up?

Seems to me like the recession has hit bottom and the economy is starting back up.

It’s not just sales at our company which are picking up. It’s also people I know and talk to, like the other 24 investors in my angel investor group which met last week; most of them are business owners. And people at the local Chamber of Commerce and Small Business Development Center.

Yesterday I did the business plan section at a quarterly day-long SCORE workshop on starting or running a business. We had twice as many people yesterday as three months ago and six months ago.

I’m sure it’s going to be a long, hard, climb back up. We can’t get around the economic impact of so many people out of work, so many home loans in trouble, and so many people’s paper wealth worth a lot less now than a year ago.

Still, at least I think we’re starting to go up instead of down.


  • g~ says:

    i agree for anecdotal reasons also. my sister looked for a job for a very long time and could only find temp work. she starts a “real” job with benefits next week. cool!

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