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Involvement vs. Commitment and Planning as Management

In a bacon and egg breakfast, the chicken is involved, the pig is committed. That old joke goes a long way towards illustrating the difference between involvement and commitment. And that’s where you get the benefit of proper business planning.

Good business planning develops commitment


In the business planning process, commitment is essential. ChickenPlans need to be implemented, and implementation means commitment.  There has to be accountability, and peer pressure.  You have to follow up on what was planned to make sure that it was actually carried out. Here are some ways to develop commitment within your team:

Planning process is essential management

Pigistock_000000873019smallThe bottom line here is that planning process, for a growing company, is about the people more than the plan. Not only does everything have to be measurable, but it also has to be measured, after the fact, and tracked, and managed. Your people must be committed to your plan.


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