Influence is Silent Power, and Clever Builds Traffic

Fun, interesting, and the power of 140 characters. Last week offered t-shirts as prizes for good short descriptions of what influence means to them. My favorite, by Adrian Lopez (Krownz on twitter), was this one:

“Influence” to me is that special something people have that keep you coming back to them. It’s silent power.

I really like that last three-word sentence. Influence is silent power. You can see all of the winners here.

I’m intrigued as well by how well this simple contest idea worked. It was a one-day thing on Twitter, promoted solely on twitter and the blog. It generated more than 60 entries, plus several dozen retweets, all of which meant twitter traffic, eyeballs, and interest for Klout.

And it’s a nice link to what Klout does too: its tagline is “measuring online influence.” The connection is obvious.

And all it cost was five t-shirts and some thought.

I might try the same thing myself. I’m thinking a contest for the best 140-character comment on why businesses want to plan. Maybe on the right relationship between business plan and planning process? Any suggestions?


  • Ef Rodriguez says:

    Sounds like a great idea. I’m perpetually surprised by what brands/people accomplish online when they put a little thought into promotions.

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