In Love With Social Media? Do a Social Media Plan

OK, I agree, Twitter and Facebook can be fun, LinkedIn can be useful, but is the time you spend there really business time? Or is it just a rationalization for not doing real work?

I posted Social Media Business Plan in 5 Easy Pieces today on the American Express OPEN Forum. I like to think it’s a reminder that business activities ought to be about business, which means you can define business objectives, metrics, tasks and responsibilities, and then track and review progress. And of course that means revising the plan with course corrections on a regular basis.

It seems to me to be especially important for social media, because — at least for me — there is a fun factor that makes it especially alluring. Like allegedly low-calorie desserts. Waste your time without feeling guilty.

That’s one of the good reasons for doing a plan for your social media activities. And following up with it.


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