How Many Web Alliances are 10 Years Old?

I suspect a 13-year-old Internet alliance is a rare thing these days, because 13 years ago was 1995, before the dot-com boom, and a very different world from now. That makes me happy to report on a pleasant conversation I had last week with Raj Khera, founder of, which has been an ally of Palo Alto Software and our business plans site at since 1996.

Raj and joined up with in the very early days. It was one of our first business development contacts. That many years later, both sites are going strong.

I had a nice talk with Raj. It’s a reminder how time passes. The initial contact was between Raj and my son Paul, then a sophomore at NYU developing at the same time, now a married father-of-two in his early 30s, CTO of Huffington Post. Raj and his wife have had two kids since that initial contact, now 4 and 7 years old.

Raj and his brother started website consulting in 1995, and in 1995, and shortly thereafter. That second site, GovCon, became the market leader in information about government contracts for government contractors, and was sold for a nice sum shortly  before the dot-com crash.  Raj added some detail in an email:

When we started working together, I had also started another portal called for government contractors. It grew to be the largest business-to-government portal and was acquired in 1999 by VerticalNet, a then high-flying public dot-com.

They are still running and also which provides tools and information for email marketing campaigns.  Raj said “we compete with Constant Contact among others.”

So that came up, and I enjoyed sharing. Some business relationships last.


  • Tony Mayo says:

    You and I are lucky to be doing business with Raj. I first "met" him on a web advertising discussion list in 1999. He was so knowledgeable and kind that it was hours later when I realized how gently he had shown me to be completely wrong. I appreciated the education.

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