Holidays Part 2: Having a Life in the Meantime

In case you’re wondering, my post here yesterday was also subtitled Holidays Part 1. (I did that in invisible ink, so you wouldn’t see it there. But it was.)

For part 2, keeping on with my holiday theme of moving back a bit from business, reflecting on what’s really important in life (even if just for a while, around this time), I’d like to refer back to some earlier posts I’ve done, before 2009, that reflect the same “and having a life in the meantime” theme that’s part of the charter of this blog (see the subtitle there, in the banner?). You may have seen some of my more recent posts in this same motif (which, by the way, seem to bring me a lot of traffic), such as the what business schools don’t teach, or 10 ways to save your life from your business, or 10 lessons learned in 22 years of bootstrapping. These others are from more than a year ago:

(Photo: Jeff Bank/Shutterstock)


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