Online Video on Lies About Business Planning

(Note: the webinar this post was originally announcing already happened. It was on Nov. 17, 2010. As of today we’re waiting for the video to go online. It will include the slides, the narration, the questions, and the answers as they happened that day. I assume the way to access this from now on will be with this link. I apologize if yesterday’s recording isn’t available there yet.)

Business plans are a waste of time? That’s a dangerous lie. Don’t bother, because nobody’s going to read it anyhow? That’s another lie, because it’s about running your company, not whether somebody else reads your document.

OK, I admit: I’m keying on lies in the title because people like the negative. But the recorded webinar is about what to do with business planning, for your company, to optimize management and control your destiny, whether you need financing or not.

This is Global Entrepreneurship Week, and for the third year in a row I offered a webinar, which is now an online video, on business planning. The theme this year is the top 10 lies about business planning.

I’ll be using the lies theme to make some points about what to do and what not to do to adapt better planning to make your business run better. To move it towards what you call success.

Would you take a trip without planning it? Would the plan be a big honking document? Would it matter to you whether anybody else read it? Would having a plan mean you couldn’t change it when a flight got cancelled?

Please join me tomorrow. Here’s the link you need to access the videos of the entire series: click here to view.

Does the term “free webinar” worry you? I promise: no selling. It’s about business planning. No product will be mentioned. Yes, it’s sponsored by (an entirely free site, which you are on as you read this) and Palo Alto Software, publisher of Business Plan Pro. But that’s all the sales pitch you’re going to get.


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