’s $100K Boost Your Business Prize

I’m in New York today, looking forward to being one of the judges for the $100K Boost Your Business contest. Finals are today.

As I start the day, I’ve been through all five of the plans, and it’s a very interesting group. It should be a good day.

One thing I really like about this competition is the criteria for winning. Forbes has defined it as the company that can make the best use of the prize money.

What’s going to be hard is figuring out how to deal with how different these five finalists are. Great plans all, but a huge range of size, scope, history, and investment levels.

It should be a good day.


  • Wendy Piersall says:

    *Sigh*. Wishing I had had time to read Forbes a few months ago so that I could have entered this thing! Oh, what I would be able to do for other microbusinesses with $100K… 🙂

    Have fun picking your winner!

  • Tim Berry says:

    Thanks for asking, I followed up myself with my next post. It's very cool that you get to vote too. They're going to post the video of the presentations and judges' questions, so you can decide for yourself. And I apologize for the bad link, I believe it's fixed now.

  • Gerald Buckley says:

    So… how'd the judging go? FYI, the link above (to Forbes) is broken…

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