Dude, Where’s My Vocabulary?

Browsing on alltop.com over the weekend I ran into a YouTube video in which an incredibly full-of-himself policeman rails at a 14-year-old kid for, among other offenses, calling him “Dude.” He gets really mad. It seems like the “dude” business is a real problem, although I can’t help wondering whether it’s really that he — police guy, not the teenager — has to wear some pretty dude-like biker shorts.

Interesting how news travels. Yesterday I caught the same video on one of the mainstream news channels. Probably CNN, I didn’t catch which one. They didn’t mention YouTube. So instead of people recording commercial television and putting it on YouTube, we have commercial television picking up its feeds from YouTube. Obvious, you say? It’s just that there was no mention of the source.

And that “dude business” reminds me of this paragraph from Stanley Bing (Fortune columnist) on The Bing Blog:

“I have noticed that, far from fading away, the use of surfer lingo in middle-aged business executives is flourishing. You haven’t really lived until you’ve seen a guy in a $2000 pinstripe, $500 wing tips and one hair artfully arranged on his shiny head say, ‘Dude, awesome weekend.’”


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