Don't Tempt Fate. Be Thankful.

Many years ago I sat with my older brother Frank in a pleasant sunny end zone and watched the Stanford football team get ahead of Washington State 25-14 at halftime. We rooted for Stanford.

I made fun of the game and it's score, saying that it was all over, we could go home now, the end result was completely obvious. Frank got angry. "Don't tempt fate!" I was joking, but he was serious about it, and to him it wasn't funny.

And, lo and behold, as if it were bad fiction, Washington State won that game 49-42. To this day, when it comes up (and it just did, in email) Frank insists that Stanford's surprising loss was my fault, because I had tempted fate.

Today, Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S., don't tempt fate. Be thankful. I am. I won't bore you with all the reasons here, but please think of some for yourself. It could always be worse.

Don't tempt fate.


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