Don't Tell me Not to Buy, Tell Me Why

If you’re going to be bad-mouthing a vendor on your blog, tell me why. Otherwise it’s kind of insulting. Give me the details. Let me know what happened.

I’m curious. And besides, we all get a gossipy pleasure in hearing what they did to you.

But the title of this post was "don’t buy from [so-and-so, computer company]" and the total post was "one word: nightmare."

Just "one word: nightmare" doesn’t empower me, the reader, at all. It makes me a tool, an accomplice in a threat. I can’t help imagining the exchange: "If you don’t give me this, or do that, I’m going to write about it on my blog."

Let me be the judge. Tell me what happened.

Note: I’m leaving the details out, not referring to the actual blog, because I’ve had no contact with the vendor in question and don’t want to leverage the negative.


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