Do You Underestimate Time for Tasks You Like?

Damn! I just did it again. Even after 30+ years running my own business I still underestimate time for tasks I like, and overestimate time for tasks I don’t like.


I like writing, and I like programming, which is definitely cool because that’s how I built a business. But when I look ahead, trying to schedule my time right, I end up consistently underestimating the time it’s going to take to post on a blog, develop an ebook, or write a column; and the time it’s going to take to redo one of my WordPress sites or work on one of my newer product development projects.

That makes it hard to manage my time.

Do you do this? Or is it just me?



  • hoc lai xe oto says:

    Yeah, time is shorl. Many peole including me wish only that we can work 24 hours a day.

  • Andy Hayes says:

    You know, this is quite interesting – I never thought of it that way (e.g. tasks I like vs dislike), but you are right. Good to know, maybe I will be more aware next time; I plan a week at a time so will pay attention as next week unfolds.

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