Could This Be You? One Great YouTube Launches a Startup

CNET’s Rafe Needleman posted about yesterday and I picked it up this morning. It seems that the key to a successful launch was one extremely-well-done one-minute video on YouTube, which I’ve embedded here:

YouTube video

I find this inspirational. It’s fascinating how this one big hit can be so effective. How much would a couple of million views cost in the open market? I haven’t investigated the back story, but whatever that is, this is still one great piece of marketing.

Notice that, although it may be the work of a startup, there is nothing amateurish about this video. Its production values are very high. It’s funny, it’s engaging, but it’s also very strongly focused on a value proposition. I’d love to know background on how it was produced, and how much it cost. (And I’ll add that in if I get it).

This is great work, and a good reminder of how many new ways there are to package an old product, start a new company, and disrupt a market.


  • Tim McEneny says:

    I loved this video! I’ll be curious to see what was involved in producing this piece. Very professional.

  • Mike the Gardener says:

    That is a well done video with some humorous things going on around the entire production. I thought the detail of it at certain points was well done .. i.e. the young girl shaving the head of the guy sitting in the chair and when he says he’s good at tennis then misses the ball (wonder how many takes that took). Not sure if it would make me buy a razor from them, but it does make me want to check out their company.

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