Best Startup Business Ideas for 2016

The best startup business idea for 2016 is one that matches your unique background, experience, and preferences with something that people need, want, and will pay for. It’s about you and your customers, not the idea. puzzle_piece_iStock_000000199320Small

Stare at a mirror and think about who you are, your resources, what you like to do, what you know how to do, and what you do better than others. Combine that with where and how you can give value to customers. What you love to do matters, but connect that to something you can sell.

You don’t have to do something new or different; just do something well. Millions of new businesses are start up every month doing something that’s been done millions of times before, but better, differently, or with more focus, or in a different place.

Bad ideas make bad businesses, but good ideas are infinite. What matters isn’t the idea but doing the work and giving other people value that enough of them want to pay for.


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