Be Your Own Boss: In Your Nightmares

One of the things that has bugged me most, over 30 years of involvement with entrepreneurship, and my own consulting business, and later on my own company, is the annoying phrase "be your own boss." You can’t really be successful in your own business if your goal is to "be your own boss." Yes, I know, there are exceptions, but the rule is, your customer (or client) is your boss.

This got through my spam catcher:

Are you tired of working in a 9 to 5 job you hate? Do you wish you could work from home and enjoy the freedom of being your own boss?

Now is your chance to quit the rat race and stop living paycheck to paycheck with this guaranteed work from home program. There’s no experience necessary and best of all, anyone can learn the ins and outs of becoming a quality and effective rebate processor.

Don’t spend another day enduring the drudgery of your boring office job! Anyone with a computer can start working from home tomorrow, so start down the path to a happier, more independent future today.

Now really! Do they think it isn’t obvious what’s involved in processing rebates? Routine, routine, routine. Paid by the piece, of course, which means a very, very low hourly rate. And no chance for advancement, obviously, because what’s the career path in rebate processing? More rebate processing, I suppose.

What’s most annoying is that my underlying assumption is that if these things are in email, then somebody is believing them. And that’s sad. And it also perpetuates the spam, too.


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