Bad Times At Best Buy

If you’re at all interested in high tech retail channels, take a look at the comments to the Bad Times At Best Buy story on the Huffington Post.


  • Kelly says:


    Holy smokes! Those are some hot BB haters!

    The funny thing is, I can't stand Circuit City (many compared them favorably to BB) and I have a generally good impression of BB. The lines at my local Circuit City make me want to rend my garments and beg for a strike of lightning, or some such biblical thing.

    The more I read of those comments, the more bad times I've had at BB came back to me, and the less I could remember why I keep going. I've had almost every awful thing they listed happen to me.

    The other funny thing is, though I go there for product research (to touch and feel a product), I almost always make the purchase at Target or amazon.

    Maybe what I like is what others hate: they always ignore me, so I can touch and feel without the guilt of not purchasing from a person who has helped me out. Nobody ever helps you out without begging, and then it's either incorrect or uninformed, in addition to sullen and condescending.

    Ultimately, people buy from people if they can; when human interaction is not an option, I'll choose cheapest or most convenient (thus Target and amazon).

    Great link. Thanks!



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