Bad News, Good News, Bad News

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s placement, and juxtaposition worth? The image here is exactly as it came through in Twitter. Losers and winners and losers, almost all at once.

The combination says so much more than any one of them.


  • Click and Inc says:

    I don't think anyone really knows what's going on anymore. A recession can effect businesses in different ways. When in times of economic crisis, alcohol sales are great! I don't know if bars are complaining about this.

  • Richard Reeve says:

    I love it when the sum of the twitter stream begins to tell a greater story than the individual tweets. Great insight to how to read in this medium.
    Reminds of how the poet Charles Olson taught a class on newspaper headlines while at Black Mountain College. In them he's dig out the archetypal forces at play, regardless of the details of the particular story.

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