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Anticipating The New iPhone Apps — Can They Do One to Make the Battery Last Longer?

I admit I continue to like my iPhone and I don’t regret the purchase, even though I was one of those who paid more to get it sooner. And I’m really looking forward to what David Pogue calls iPhone 2.0 in his column,

Hello BlackBerry, Meet the iPhone in yesterday’s New York Times.

But damn, I wish the battery lasted longer. Every time I really use it, a day’s worth of use gets the battery into that nasty edge of power area. It turns the battery icon red and complains, and warns, and complains.

In his technology column, David Pogue says:

The release of iPhone 2.0 is over three months away, but I’ll stick my neck out and make a prediction: it will be a gigantic success, spreading the iPhone’s popularity both upward, into the corporate market, and downward, into the hands of the masses. iPhone 2.0 will turn this phone into an engineering tool, a game console, a free-calls Skype phone, a business tool, a dating service, an e-book reader, a chat room, a database, an Etch-a-Sketch, and that’s on Day One.

And I say that’s all cool, and I’m looking forward to it, but I’ll end up like I now am, loving my iPhone for all its cool features but using it mainly as a phone, because if I get a lot of email with it, or use it as an ipod, it runs out of battery before I run out of day.


  • Bryan Howe says:


    I'm with you. The hallmark of a device that lacks enough battery power is the behavior change it brings to the user. To survive with the iPhone I have placed a charging unit everywhere I linger- both cars, the home office, the office proper, and iHomes scattered about in the house to make sure if I ever drop the phone there is a good percentage chance it lands in a charger. Damn you Steve, you got me. Annoying as it is, I am willing to suffer and pay even more and be inconvenienced for the privilege. That’s the tell of a good product.

  • David Mackey says:

    The addition of a longer-lasting battery would be a big boon. How about a self-changeable battery as well? 🙂

  • Tim Berry says:

    Oh dear, Nathan, you're making me worry. The irony was apparent, no? I hope it doesn't look like I think a software app could do that. Tim.

  • Nathan Grozley says:

    Excellent point. I'll forward this to Steve Jobs immediately. Dear Steve, Please provide a software update which downloads a new battery from the internet and installs it on the phone.



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