Angel Investor Conference

Today I’ll be listening to pitches at the Willamette Valley Angel Conference, voting on which of them ends up with the $125K investment.

I’m one of 25 members. We started with 43 plans and narrowed them down to five finalists. We’ve broken into groups and done additional work on each of the finalists. Today we hear them pitch again, for the second time, and award a winner.

One additional finalist will be chosen from a group of wild card entries.

It’s a good group: interesting companies. It will be hard to decide.


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  • Craig says:

    Hi Tim,

    Just came across your blog the last couple of weeks, and I haven’t had a chance to go through some of your older posts etc, so I’m sorry if you might have covered this previously. But I was wondering with all these business plan competitions that you judge, how many winners or even non winners have you seen turn into successful companies? Are there any examples that you could give?

    Thanks for blogging.

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