And Twinkles Just Gasped

This is a true story.

The three couples were friends. They knew each other different ways: worked together, played tennis, crossed paths.

So they decided to get together once a month to go out to dinner in a group, six people. They decided to rotate who chose the restaurant, and that couple would also pay. Take turns. Have a nice night out. Get to know some new restaurants.

It worked fine the first two months. They met, had dinner, and enjoyed it.

It seemed to be going fine the third month too. They had a nice dinner, everybody liked the place, the conversation was fine … until the check came. This was the third time around, so it was this couple's first turn to choose the restaurant and pay the check.

The husband took the check and gasped. He turned to his wife, with a look of horror on his face, and showed it to her. "Oh my God," he said. She looked at it, and gasped. "That's incredible." They were both shocked.

Was it a mistake? Maybe a thousand-dollar wine bottle, an enormously expensive special dish? The other four at the table never knew. The two horrified check payers never showed the check to the others. In fact, they never addressed the others at all, as they paid the check, still clucking to each other about the amount, and got up from the table to leave. They did say goodbye and good night and all, but there was never another word about the horrible shocking check.

And, needless to say, the three couples never met for dinner again.


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