An Intriguing Inauguration Picture

My favorite picture that I took from the inauguration #inaug09 on TwitPic

This was on


  • Andrey says:

    Interesting blog! Good luck!

  • Tim Berry says:

    @Incolas I second that, and hope it's true. Tim.

  • Incolas says:

    I'm French and the way I read that is: "we're back to being, or trying to being, that stabilizing force we should be" (not the brainless war waging machine the bush administration turned the country into).

  • Click and Inc says:

    Interesting take on Obama's entrance to power. I don't really think we ever left. We are worse off right now economically than even so how are we back? We hope that Obama will fix it but we don't know at all. I do think we should have hope but we shouldn't be obnoxious.

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