An Entrepeneurial [SIC] Misspelling

Alright I admit it. I don’t like grammatical errors and misspellings, I don’t like them, Sam I Am, not one little bit. I’ve done some peeveblogging on this site along those lines. But when I’m wrong, I’m wrong.

I was happily heading for my blog at (Up and Running) tonight when I came across a strange and bewildering complete redo of not only my blog, but the whole site. Wow, how could that have happened, I asked myself. See if you catch it on the banner here.

Not easy to catch? No, I missed it too. There’s an entire site, offering information — or so it seems, I didn’t explore much — at “” That’s simply a misspelling of entrepreneur. And a business opportunity.

Or is that buisness opportunity? Bussiness opportunity? Do Google searches on either one of these, see what happens, I dare you.  I fear that Palo Alto Software owns some domain names that catch misspellings of business plan.

So, in deference to blog discussions of the right domain names, let’s hear it for entrepeneurs [SIC] who build businesses on the wrong domain names.



  • Robin Malau says:

    Dear Tim, speaking of misspellings, i think has one. Please check out their Entrepreneur Assist home page,, it spells entrepreneuer instead of entrepreneur. Been there for a while, I've emailed them twice, nothing's changed.

  • Steve King says:


    I often type in "Foxpsorts" by accident. I get a search page run – I think – by a company called Uniquesearch. They are at

    There are a number of companies that do this. They buy up domain names spelled similar to popular domain names and put ads on them. I'm told this is very profitable -and unlike your example completely legal – but I've never been able to get anyone from one of these companies to talk to me.



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