A Holiday Note

It’s late Friday afternoon Dec. 21, and I’m off to Mexico (my country-in-law) early tomorrow morning for a week, with a family group including 11 of us flying together from Oregon and another group that lives in Mexico City.

I do have a post scheduled for Monday, and I may have others later next week, but I may also be doing other things.

I hope that you have a wonderful holiday. Let us all pause for a while, spend time with families if we’re lucky enough to have families, and think about all of those things that matter more than business.


  • Ilya Bodner says:

    Start strong

    Almost everyone starts the New Year off with a powerful kick. We see this not only in business but in personal lives as well. Gyms are packed, everyone is suddenly eating right, and big plans are made for the remainder of the year. In reality the energy doesn’t last the entire year and almost all small business owners slow down. While the owner may be slowing down there are ways to keep the business at full force all year long. The trick is to build up momentum.
    In rocket science the fundamental theory behind an orbiting space object is to keep it from falling. Thus, an object in space such as a satellite is accelerated just enough to keep it from falling back down; every time it’s getting ready to descend the speed propels it further and the cycle continues. When fuel is not being used momentum does the work.
    Having strong financial backing always helps to keep the momentum going. Strong business credit will play an important role for the finances sector. Begin your search by looking up “strong business credit” (just like that in quotes) via google or yahoo search engines. There are many companies that offer help, choose from the one that fits your needs.


    Ilya Bodner
    Small Business Owner
    Initial Underwriting Group

    *Breaking Down The Barriers To Small Business Financing*


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