A Cash Flow Lesson

My Friday video this week is me (well, my voice; I don’t appear) offering a visual demonstration of a critical cash flow lesson. This first very nicely with my theme of business plan financials in the last week or two. It shows how much business-to-business sales, sales on account, and waiting for customers to pay invoices can affect projected cash flow.

I use the LivePlan web app to demonstrate the concept here; and I’m founder of Palo Alto Software, which publishes LivePlan. I try not to post “salesy” content on my blog here, but this demonstrated the concept so well, and the concept is so important to financials, that I can’t resist.

And I apologize for the lack of video production. This is just me, talking to you, with a screen grab while I do it.


An Important Cash Flow Lesson in LivePlan from Tim Berry on Vimeo.


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