A 2-Second Business Pitch that Worked

Last Thursday I’d just spoken as a guest to a class in entrepreneurship. As the class ended I was anxious to go because I was late for my grandson. The professor was thanking me and three students waited to talk to me individually. I didn’t want to be rude and I like talking to students, so I didn’t run off immediately.

The first in line was the one student I didn’t want to talk to — the one who had asked if I would listen to a quick business pitch after class. There’s no such thing as a quick business pitch when you’re not in an elevator.

However, instead of a pitch, it was iPhone in hand, showing me, and:

I know you don’t have time for a pitch but can I show you my app? It’s done and it works.

So, at least for me, an old software guy, that pitch worked. I couldn’t resist. Of course I wanted to see the app.

And it looked pretty good too. I’m asking him to show it to somebody I work with.

So there’s an elevator speech replacement that worked. In two seconds.

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  • taffy williams says:

    Tim, that is a fantactic story. I have been approached after lectures but never with one as smooth as that! Hope the kid makes some money from the into. Well Done!

  • Deborah Fike says:

    Thanks again for dropping by. It was a great lecture. Students get a lot of mileage out of hearing people like you tell their war stories and advice.

    And the student showed me his app before class that day too. Very well done.

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