8 Myths About Sleep And How To Make The Quick Fix

I just caught this post —  8 Myths About Sleep And How To Make The Quick Fix – on Toilet Paper Entrepreneur. Good post, seems to me like a must-read for the entrepreneur.

I’d summarize the list here, but you’re better off to read it at the source. It’s a quick and easy read. Some of this is disturbing, too. For example:

  • One hour less won’t hurt. It does.
  • Your body adjusts quickly to new sleep schedules. It doesn’t.
  • The older you get, the less sleep you need. Damn. I wish that were true.

And, perhaps most interesting to my fellow entrepreneur-insomniacs, “a recurring inability to sleep is usually due to stress.” It turns out that it isn’t so. I’m not sure whether that’s good news or bad. It’s news though, I’m sure of that.

By the way, strange title for a blog, the toilet paper reference, but that’s a good blog, particularly for first-time entrepreneurs. This is not the first time I’ve linked to it. I just added it to my ‘Good Blogs’ list.


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