687 Blog Posts and Columns

Yesterday I implemented a DabbleDB database of my blog posts and columns and such, including this blog and Up and Running, plus a few posts on Small Business Trends and Huffington Post, my blog on Allbusiness.com (which doesn’t get many posts these days).

The DabbleDB idea is working quite well, if you are (as I am) willing to compromise sometimes and do things the way the technology wants (or rather, the way the programmers want). It’s free too, because I’ve allowed it to go into the public domain.

I’m working on a better keyword search, but in the meantime you can use the search facility on your browser (probably in your edit menu) to search for any specific word or phrase.

The nice thing is that anybody with an editor password can update the database at any time, it automatically flows into what’s available on this page.

The other nice thing is, well, er, 687 posts.  I can see why that might be irrelevant to you, but it’s very convenient for me. I get an instant hit on what I wrote where.

If you’re curious about DabbleDB, that’s at www.dabbledb.com. I’m going to be looking at the Amazon database facility that’s just recently been set up to go along with the S3 storage and Web facilities, but in the meantime, this seems to work.


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