3 Marketing Truths I Wish I’d Known Sooner

I posted 3 Marketing Truths I Wish I’d Known Sooner on Amex OPEN Forum earlier this week. I hope you have a chance to read it there; it’s been getting a lot of play. Amex OPEN ForumThe alleged truths are 1.) Great marketing beats great product; 2.) Real people beat real money; and 3.) Consistency beats brilliance.  I’ll leave the explanations there, not repeat them here.

Just between you and me, it was awkward for a while because I’d started it as a list of five but eventually cut it down to three. Then I got rushed and sent it in without changing the title, so it promised five truths and included only three. Gulp. That’s embarrassing.

A couple of people asked about that on Twitter. I told them truth #4 is that marketers exaggerate their numbers and truth #5 would have been that marketers can’t count, if it weren’t for the fact that marketers can’t count.

Anyhow, it’s back to 3 in the title there, and I hope you read it and like it.


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