10 Ways to Tell You Are Not a Leader

  1. Everybody always agrees with you. Because they don’t. They’re lying to you. And it’s your fault they are, because you make them.
  2. You talk more than you listen.
  3. Nobody who works for you owns anything by themselves. And I mean ownership as owning a task, having responsibility, being empowered to operate, make decisions, and – yes – make mistakes.
  4. You do all the work. Because you don’t, really. If you think you do, then you’re not giving others enough credit.
  5. You correct people more than you applaud people.
  6. You take more credit than you give.
  7. Achievement in your group is something you bestow on people, rather than something they achieve themselves in the objective numbers they’re responsible for.
  8. It takes your people time to think when asked what ideas you stand for, or what you believe in.
  9. You don’t get bad news quickly. That means people are worrying about how to tell you. People hide bad news or, worse still, spin it to look like good news.
  10. You criticize more than you collaborate.

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  • Steve Gilbard says:

    Ouch. Some things to ponder laying in bed. Curse you. Thanks.

  • Yash Kumar says:

    Very true!

  • January Management Journey Carnival says:

    […] simple as an internal discussion.  Tim Berry of Planning Startup Stories provides one in his post, 10 Ways to Tell You Are Not a Leader.As managers strive to solve organizational problems with innovative solutions, they often fail […]

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