10 Signs You’re Too Deep in Social Media

Lists like these are fun, and, by the way, I’ve been told that lists of 3, 5, and 10 are particularly good as blog headlines. My title here is taken directly from Rohit Bhargava’s 10 Signs You May Have An Unhealthy Relationship With Social Media on his Influential Marketing Blog.

Here’s the complete list:

  1. You receive an audible alert on your phone anytime anything happens.
  2. Your business card says “guru” and you are NOT speaking about spirituality to large groups in India. (Rohit adds that no, he is not saying that because he’s Indian, but because it needs saying. I agree. And I believe him.)
  3. You use social media terms as verbs. (I should tweet this)
  4. You believe there is nothing wrong with spllng wrds without vwls.
  5. You answer questions with “you should read my blog post about that.”
  6. You check your Klout score, um, ever.
  7. You are a “mayor” of anything. (A reference to Foursquare, I believe, but what would I know?)
  8. You use the “like” button to make a statement.
  9. You use social media as a justification for being unreasonable. (Rohit cites demanding hotel upgrades because of Klout scores.)
  10. You freaked out for 70 minutes while Twitter went down.

My favorite is the last one, which reminds me that Twitter was down for more than an hour one morning (PDT) last week.

And I’ll confess to numbers 3, 5, 6, and — just a little bit, mildly — 10. That seems like a lot to me.


  • John Wren says:

    This is great, thanks Tim. I’m going to post on my Facebook page. (As I write this, realize that this might be a demonstration of a possible #11, you comment on blog posts how you are going to link the item on your social media sites. This is something I do all the time, do you think it is a warning sign? Your comment on my Facebook wall would be very welcome– #12?)

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