Smoggy Mourning in Mexico City

by Tim Berry

That’s not a misspelling in my title; it’s on purpose. The play on words: morning because Mexico City is usually smoggiest in the mornings; and mourning because it used to be such a great place to live, and isn’t at all anymore.  Sure, everything changes, but Mexico City has gone from being a delightful place... Read More »

1972 Tim Berry Mexico City

About Words I Won’t Put in the Title of This Piece Despite the Temptation

by Tim Berry

"Tim," Matt said, beer in hand, in a bar in Mexico City, "you have to learn about 50 words that will almost guarantee you play in the papers." He swallowed. He looked at me and frowned. "But you're so young,"... Read More »

Visiting Mexico, My Country in Law

by Tim Berry

I just finished a week off with some of my family on the beach in Mexico, specifically at Villas del Sol in Zihuatenejo. Mexico is my country in law. My wife of 37 years is Mexican, born and raised in... Read More »