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Q&A: What Business Should I Start?

I’ve been running the Ask the Experts section of for years now, literally, since 1999. It’s a privilege to watch the flow of questions. It keeps me in touch with people, entrepreneurship, and business planning.

Some questions come up constantly. I’m going to share them on this blog, starting with the “what business should I start?” question I received today. This particular email is from a university student in a third-world country. It cites the flow of tourists and asks me “what business should I start” to deal with those people.

I’ve given my answer many times: for start-up ideas look in the mirror.

  • Well according to me Online business is profitable. I have a home based business, yields good. Actually it is comfortable for me.

    Home Based Business

  • zack lusitche

    am from kenya and will only give you a short message why because it costs me a doller an hour and a half to be online but things will only get better for the cyber optic cable is being placed around nairobi.i intend to start an online mag still collecting data am looking in the mirror meanwhile