New Dictionary: F*cking Means Really. Seriously. Dammit.

by Tim Berry

Hey, younger people, are you really all okay with f*cking as a synonym for really? Seriously. Do we need a new dictionary? I caught a great post on Medium the other day: Jon Westenberg’s Why Copying the Habits of Successful People Won’t Make You Successful. Toward the end, he comes up with a brilliant highlight... Read More »

I Really Don’t Like All This Sh*t

by Tim Berry

Some of the best and brightest, some of the most educated people I know, have decided that it’s cool to use the word “shit” to replace the old-fashioned words “things,” “stuff,” “work,” and so on. That’s too bad. Of course I remember “get your shit straight,” a phrase that’s as old as the golden age... Read More »


Blogging in “A Tornado Full of Shrieking Trolls.”

by Tim Berry

Do you care about writing? Do you do it often? Do you do it related to business? Oh, wait, I’m sorry: I should call it content, as in content marketing. It’s not just writing, or blogging; it’s content creation. Or, in a delightful post on the, simply Making Things. There’s a lot there, on that... Read More »


Seductive Sales Copy: So Easy to Say, So Hard to Do

by Tim Berry

I just read How To Write Seductive Sales Copy Like Apple on Kissmetrics. Good stuff. See, I’m doing it.  But, oh, yeah, it’s really hard. And it seems so easy when you look at it. Post author Henneke Duistermaat gives great examples, taken straight from Apple copy. Inspiring, but hard to do. For example: One big idea. Short,... Read More »

This means you

Do You Know The Single Most Powerful Word in Business Writing?

by Tim Berry

Whether it’s email, Twitter, Facebook, or — going back to the ancient days — even business letters and proposals, the single most powerful word in business writing is “you.” Whatever else happens, if you start with “you” then you are on the right track. You asked me … You missed this … You suggested …... Read More »


Are Spelling and Grammar Obsolete?

by Tim Berry

Am I being too critical? Do you react like I do to blatant spelling errors? Do they spoil messages for you? Glaring grammar and spelling errors distract me. Yesterday I received an email from somebody asking me to help him find an “inverstor” because he’s had “alot” of interest and he “truely” believes he could... Read More »

Freelance isnt free

You Can’t Eat Truth Either … But it Still Matters

by Tim Berry

As blogger, former full-time journalist, and long-term entrepreneur, I’m offended from all three sides by journalists complaining that bloggers don’t get paid on the Huffington Post. I’m offended by the envy. The money Arianna Huffington and her investors made on the sale of Huffington Post to AOL was classic entrepreneurship, earned by taking risks. They... Read More »


On Content, Do You Want Quality or Quantity?

by Tim Berry

Do you know the expression “from your lips to God’s ears?” It means “I hope God hears what you just said, because I want it to be true.” I say let’s tell Carol Tice “from your keyboard to God’s eyes” for her Why Content is No Longer King post last week on her Make a... Read More »


Tip: Mistakes Are More Fun Than Tips

by Tim Berry

Here’s a continuing trend: tips and what-not-to-do lists get better readership as lists of mistakes.  It’s not a new trend, it’s not a surprising one, but one worth remembering. What reminds me this morning is a collection of posts by Geoffrey James on BNET:  The 8 Stupidest Management Fads of All Time  The 5  Dumbest... Read More »


Jonathan Fields’ Great Title Idea

by Tim Berry

This is so cool. I’m really jealous. As he finishes up his next book, Jonathan Fields turns to the web and his so-called tribe for help with the book title. In Help Me Choose The Title Of My Next Book, he put a poll onto his blog and promoted in there and in Twitter, Facebook,... Read More »