Audio: Annoying Half Truths in Entrepreneurship

by Tim Berry

I had a good radio-talk-show visit this morning with Jim Blasingame, Small Business Advocate, of smallbusinessadvocate.com. Time flies; I can’t believe I’ve been joining Jim on his show off and on for 16 years now. I intend to ask him whether being a guest on his show causes gray hair. Here’s my favorite segment, on... Read More »

Don't tell your spouse

3 Things Never to Tell an Entrepreneur About her/his Spouse

by Tim Berry

I just read 7 Things Never to Tell Your Spouse About Business Finances, posted by Barry Molz on Amex OPEN forum. I like Barry and I like his work.  I’ve been on his podcast before and it was great. But his tone of voice in this post makes me uncomfortable. If you’re curious, compare Barry’s tone... Read More »


How — and how not — to Find a Mentor

by Tim Berry

So you want a mentor to help you start or grow your business? Never ask somebody to be your mentor.  Instead, ask a person who might be a mentor a specific question. Find a question an expert can answer quickly without having a lot of specific knowledge about your case in detail. Make it a... Read More »


Do You Want Your Daughter to be a Successful Entrepreneur?

by Tim Berry

I stumbled on this question on Quora: How should I raise a 12-year-old girl to be a successful entrepreneur? I have four grown-up daughters. Some of them are “successful entrepreneurs,” all of them have tried, some are still trying. So I care a lot about this subject. There are good answers already posted. The answer I like... Read More »


Reality Check: Entrepreneurship is a Roller Coaster, Not a Cruise

by Tim Berry

I love this: So completely true. Vivek Wadhwa calls out the all-too-common talks by successful entrepreneurs who supposedly “sailed smoothly to success.” He corrects that in Entrepreneurship is a Roller Coaster, Not a Cruise, on the Wall Street Journal: Don’t be fooled. Entrepreneurship is never like that. You fail constantly, suffer setbacks at every turn,... Read More »

Diane F - websitei copy

The Best-Ever One-Word Answer to A Critical Entrepreneurship Question

by Tim Berry

In one of the best moments of our regional angel investment event last month, keynote speaker Diane Fraiman was asked to name the biggest obstacle to entrepreneurship in Oregon. Her answer (the first emphatically-delivered word of her answer): PERS It’s been more than a month since and I didn’t take notes so the rest of... Read More »


Immigrant Entrepreneurs are Good For U.S. (Infographic)

by Tim Berry

This very strong infographic was published last week on Innovation by techdirt blog introducing Startup Act 3, a new effort to push a startup visa for immigrants who want to come to the U.S. to create jobs, not take jobs. Read More »


Are You Guilty of One-Size-Life-Fits-All Thinking?

by Tim Berry

I was talking to my older brother the other day, about startups, siblings, raising children, and he shocked me, right in the middle of an otherwise smooth conversation, with this: Now you’re guilty of one-size-life-thinking. You do that way too much. You want everybody to do things the way you did. That took me aback.... Read More »

Entrepreneur Breakdown

Are You an Entrepreneur? Do You Want to Be?

by Tim Berry

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you want to be? Are you living with one? This less-than-five-minute video is worth every second. I subscribed to the GrowConference channel on YouTube as a result of watching this. Good stuff. And if you don’t see it here, click here for the YouTube original. And thanks to VentureBeat for... Read More »

investor money

Q & A: Investment: Size Matters

by Tim Berry

Question: Hello. I, along with a partner, have 20+ years combined experience in the carpet cleaning industry. After investing over 10k of our own money, we will still need an additional 30k for start-up of our own business. We are... Read More »