Social Technology is Changing the Species

by Tim Berry

Living the Global Village Changes Us It’s 10 years now since Kurzweil’s The Singularity is Near was published. The idea is that by 2040 we’ve integrated technology into our biology so much that we are a different species. I thought that was far fetched when I first heard it, but, on further consideration, we’re already there. Social... Read More »


Real Cases: Paths Female CEOs Took to the Top

by Tim Berry

This is interesting: Harvard Business Review just published some research on how large-company female CEOs reached the top. The authors looked at the career paths of 24 women who head Fortune 500 companies. They do say they were testing the standard assumption that these women took “the most competitive business tracks, like investment banking and... Read More »


The Frightening Decline of Distribution of Wealth

by Tim Berry

Today is Blog Action Day, an annual tradition since 2008, and this year’s theme is inequality. It’s hashtags are #BAD2014 #Blogaction14, #Inequality, #Oct16. It’s scary to me that we don’t all take better distribution of wealth as automatically important, and self evident. I remember being a kid, in the 1950s and 1960s, when everybody I knew,... Read More »

The Global Corruption We Don’t See

The Global Corruption We Don’t See. Why Not?

by Tim Berry

Here is another fascinating TED talk. Charmian Gooch with Meet global corruption’s hidden players. I’m shocked. Take a few minutes to watch this. In case you can’t see it, you can click here for the original on YouTube. Read More »


Do You Think You Can Copy Silicon Valley?

by Tim Berry

Doesn’t it seem like every other place wants to be Silicon Valley? We call the New York tech scene Silicon Alley, Portland is Silicon Forest, somewhere in Southern California is Silicon Beach, Austin Texas is Silicon Hills, and so on. There’s job envy, and growth envy. Googling “the next Silicon Valley” generates 46 million hits.... Read More »


The Irony: Complaining about Linkbait with Linkbait

by Tim Berry

Here’s an irony: Mashable’s thoughtful post titled Stop Linkbait Before It Ruins Content Marketing is surrounded by linkbait. And what’s there on the right, in the sidebar? An ad, then “what’s hot,” one about an injured kitten and the other about Justin Bieber. Both of which are, well, linkbait. Right? The post, by Sam Slaughter, starts like... Read More »

Diane F - websitei copy

The Best-Ever One-Word Answer to A Critical Entrepreneurship Question

by Tim Berry

In one of the best moments of our regional angel investment event last month, keynote speaker Diane Fraiman was asked to name the biggest obstacle to entrepreneurship in Oregon. Her answer (the first emphatically-delivered word of her answer): PERS It’s been more than a month since and I didn’t take notes so the rest of... Read More »


Is It Stupid to Ask for a Better Email Address?

by Tim Berry

He asked me about my business plan review, something I like doing, and that I charge for. I should be happy, right? And forthcoming? But his email address is three letters having nothing to do with his name, plus three numbers, at (like So I asked him, before sending a work sample, to... Read More »


What’s Up in Colombia…

by Tim Berry

… looks like growth to me. Economic growth. The result of, among other things, political and economic stability. I’m posting today from Bogota, the capital of Colombia, during a week-long work visit recording business videos in Spanish. My opinion here isn’t formal economic analysis, just what’s obvious from a few days in the country. I... Read More »

Cartoon Sheep Flock

How to Hide Your Opinions as Data

by Tim Berry

Here’s an idea for you. Use this to influence politics, win fame and/or fortune, or attract the opposite sex. Push a point of view. Make your own opinions look like data. First: Invent a high-sounding name for an association or interest group in some significant topic area. Call it the Association of this or Federation... Read More »