Highest Paid CEO

Highest Paid CEOs in Charity

by Tim Berry

The infographic here about the highest paid CEOs in non-profits seems useful to me for two reasons. First, many people seem uncomfortable with non-profit organizations, serving higher social goals, paying market-level compensation to employees. In my years of dealing with students of entrepreneurship there was an assumption that people who work in non-profits earn less... Read More »


Parents: Great Book for Kids, Squared

by Tim Berry

This is a good cause. I’m proud to post it here. And — hooray — it’s also a wonderful book for parents to read to (or with) children. And today marks the beginning of the holidays. The marketing isn’t all that great, and the distribution isn’t all that great, so I recommend you order it... Read More »


And I Thought I was a Friend and Colleague…

by Tim Berry

Don’t you hate it when this happens? With social media and all, I connect with somebody, seems like a smart person, we have some email and even telephone interactions, and then, dammit, I end up as a prospect. Sad. Quite a demotion. From friend and colleague to prospect. You do know what I mean, right?... Read More »

Nonprofits with Legs and Teeth

by Tim Berry

Maybe it's about baby boomers not retiring, and maybe it's about ex-hippies in positions to do something they've always wanted, or maybe it is just about the world getting more crowded. Could there be a long tail of entrepreneurship, opportunities... Read More »

All About Leadership

by Tim Berry

I was at an interesting event Saturday. The Annual Nonprofit Organization Board Training organized by Financial Stewardship Resources. More than 500 people, almost all of them volunteers, almost all of them running nonprofits, gathering together on a cold and gray... Read More »


Essential Business Planning for Nonprofits

by Tim Berry

I believe that nonprofits and social enterprises need good business planning as much or more than the rest of us. The old mentality that left the nonprofits in their own world, unconcerned with business-like things like planning and performance, are... Read More »

Entrepreneurial Advice: Lighten Up

by Tim Berry

Successful entrepreneurs are like everybody else. They don't know what to do with their lives. They aren't sure how to balance meaning and money when it comes to work. And they have trouble managing their time. That's by Sarah Ruby,... Read More »