Infographic on EQ and Leadership

Infographic: Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

by Tim Berry

I confess I know nothing about the Norwich University online leadership program, but I like the infographic here. It’s got good information, worth sharing. I’m convinced that real leadership is a matter of context, and case-by-case situations; but listening, empathy, and vision are always important. Norwich University’s Online Master of Science in Leadership Program Read More »


Great TED Talk: Gender Equality is Good for All

by Tim Berry

This TED talk is true, insightful, funny, and real. A great reminder to so many of us: Privilege is invisible to those who enjoy it. Please take a few minutes to watch and listen. As enticement, here are a couple of quotes: “White men are the beneficiaries of the greatest affirmative action program in the... Read More »


Drill Down into What You Do Best

by Tim Berry

I put this here today because I love this quote: “I wanted to fundamentally feel like I was the best person in the world to solve that problem.” This is Tristan Walker, of Walker and Company Brands, speaking at Stanford, courtesy of Stanford eCorner. If you don’t see the video here, please click here for... Read More »


1 Thing Coaching Kids Taught Me About Management

by Tim Berry

Most people do better with carrots than sticks. I just posted 3 best ways to reward people on your team over at Up and Running. As I wrote that, it reminded me of this. One thing I learned by coaching kids soccer. Try this: To manage people in business, helping them to perform better, try emphasizing what they’re... Read More »


Pop Quiz: Why Do Men Need Women. Business Perspective.

by Tim Berry

Yesterday my sister sent me the link to Why Men Need Women, a New York Times opinion piece by Adam Grant. This morning one of my daughters sent it. It starts with this: New evidence reveals a surprising answer. The mere presence of female family members — even infants — can be enough to nudge men... Read More »


Do You Think You Can Copy Silicon Valley?

by Tim Berry

Doesn’t it seem like every other place wants to be Silicon Valley? We call the New York tech scene Silicon Alley, Portland is Silicon Forest, somewhere in Southern California is Silicon Beach, Austin Texas is Silicon Hills, and so on. There’s job envy, and growth envy. Googling “the next Silicon Valley” generates 46 million hits.... Read More »


How Human Recall Screws Up Management and What To Do About It

by Tim Berry

When the experts dig down into it, human recall doesn’t work. What you remember isn’t what happened; it’s a mosaic of truth, impressions, past experience, guesswork, etc. If you have any doubt, watch the riddle of experience vs. memory and why eyewitnesses get it wrong on TED. This cuts hard into the fundamentals of management.... Read More »

Value of Women

Infographic: The Value of Women in Startups

by Tim Berry

This interesting infographic called The Value of Women in Startups is from Lots of interesting information here. (Via.) Read More »


You Can’t Teach Leadership. But You Can Lead.

by Tim Berry

From Be Vulnerable by Brad Feld, venture capitalist and startup catalyst: “We are told that leaders must be strong. They must be confident. They must be unflinching. They must hide their fear. They must never blink. They cannot be soft in any way. “Bullshit.” That’s a nice tangent spin on my post here yesterday. And it’s based... Read More »


Pop Quiz: Can You Teach Me Leadership?

by Tim Berry

Two things wrong with a good portion of what I see on the web on leadership: You can’t teach me leadership. We’re different people. What works for you — or somebody else, some prominent successful person — is specific to who you are, your styles, your background, your instincts. Look at some great leaders: they’re... Read More »