We Can All Stop Making Killers Famous

by Tim Berry

Roseburg last Thursday, an hour south of where I live. Charlotte, Aurora, Lafayette, Newtown, and on it goes. As a society, we go on and on, bemoaning these mass shootings. But we don’t do anything about it. Congress does nothing. Local legislatures do very little. So we just hate that it happens, and go on,... Read More »

And what do we do if the Internet doesn't disappear?

Do We Want Our News Crowdsourced?

by Tim Berry

Whether we want our news crowdsourced, or not, I don’t think we have a choice. The steady onslaught of rapid information via the new technologies – digital, social media, et. al. – is happening. In the background, traditional news media get less attention (readers, viewers, web traffic) and that means less money to pay for... Read More »


Will Web Metrics Kill Professional Journalism?

by Tim Berry

The crumbling of mainstream journalism worries me. But am I just being nostalgic? Was it really that good in the past? The Portland Oregonian, one of the grand old daily newspapers they used to use an example when I was in J-school in 1971, and is still printing big paper newspapers every day, is changing... Read More »


Can Journalism Preserve Truth over Appearances?

by Tim Berry

Are you a parent? Do you deal with two squabbling kids by assuming it takes two to fight, so you scold them both? That may be good parenting. But it’s bad journalism. Traditional Journalism is obviously threatened by technology, the crumbling of media advertising economics, distraction of blurring lines between online gossip and news, the... Read More »


The Irony: Complaining about Linkbait with Linkbait

by Tim Berry

Here’s an irony: Mashable’s thoughtful post titled Stop Linkbait Before It Ruins Content Marketing is surrounded by linkbait. And what’s there on the right, in the sidebar? An ad, then “what’s hot,” one about an injured kitten and the other about Justin Bieber. Both of which are, well, linkbait. Right? The post, by Sam Slaughter, starts like... Read More »


Compare And Contrast These 2 Blog Pub Strategies

by Tim Berry

Yesterday my email stream included two starkly contrasting approaches to getting links and mentions from bloggers. One offered me free guest posts, supposedly good quality posts on relevant business topics. The email had links to examples. It’s author said… Having graduated in International Business and Journalism a few years ago, Ive covered everything from global... Read More »


Good News for Local Journalism — I Hope

by Tim Berry

This week what my local (Eugene, Oregon) newspaper is doing with an iPad app makes me feel better about the future of journalism in the new online age. I’ve got a newspaper habit. I begin my day with the local paper. While I make my coffee and gather a breakfast, a browse the headlines, and... Read More »


The Difference Between a Journalist and a Blogger

by Tim Berry

What’s the difference between a journalist and a blogger? I see this from both sides because I was mainstream journalist for 10 years in the 1970s, then entrepreneur and consultant, software guy, and lately I blog a lot. A real journalist tries to tell the objective truth, reports facts fairly, strives for balance, and discloses bias.... Read More »


Is Print Journalism Dead?

by Tim Berry

Is print journalism dead? I got the question overnight in email from a student working on a research paper. He’d seen this post on this blog about that. He asked me to answer these three questions.  So these are his questions with my answers. 1.) What are the factors that have led to falling sales? Start... Read More »


Is Objective Journalism Doomed?

by Tim Berry

Do you ever wonder what happened to objective journalism? I have a thought about that. Until the web changed everything, we got our news from a very few sources: There was a newspaper or two in every city. There were three major networks, ABC, NBC, and CBS, offering television and radio news. There were a few... Read More »