Truth is a Believable Story

by Tim Berry

I grew up believing that facts, like research, numbers and percentages, told the truth. I believed in objective, verifiable truth, based on fact. I distinguished that from mystical religious truth, based on faith. I was a mainstream journalist for almost 10 years in the 1970s. Every professional journalist believed in objective verifiable truth based on... Read More »


Interesting Chart on Age as People Marry

by Tim Berry

Every so often I stumble on interesting statistics and good simple business graphics that show them. That applies to this line chart of Median age at first marriage by sex: 1890-2010 published by Imgur at, and developed by the U.S. Census: I’m intrigued with the way the marriage age dropped suddenly after the second... Read More »

World Economies

World Economies at a Glance: Infographic

by Tim Berry

This is something like an economic world map, nicely done, by International Business Guide. Reproduced here with permission. Source: International Business Degree Guide Read More »


Bad Advice on Data Decisions

by Tim Berry

Oh dear, there it is again: somebody else pushing data over common sense. Paul B. Brown, on, writes: data from your customers is always better than your best intuition. Wait, what? Did he really say that? Not that Steve Jobs was right on everything, but I can’t resist my favorite Jobs quote here: It’s... Read More »

How to project expenses

Some Recent Blog Posts Elsewhere

by Tim Berry

Because you might be interested in these … I posted How to project expenses for a new business overnight on the SBA (small business administration) Industry Word blog. It’s a step-by-step how-to piece on exactly what it says in the title. Yesterday and today I posted two different posts on James Altucher’s Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Starting a... Read More »


The Power of One Simple Question

by Tim Berry

I like this. If you want real customer feedback, keep it simple. My friend Stephen Lahey, of Small Business Talent, understand email, and who he’s talking to, when he asks his small business owner clients one simple question: “When you think of me and our working relationship, what are the five adjectives that first come... Read More »


Why Management is Like Dribbling a Ball

by Tim Berry

This is interesting: Stanford Business School professor Charles O’Reilly on Why Some Companies Seem to Last Forever: What explains this longevity? Stanford Graduate School of Business Professor Charles O’Reilly calls it ‘organizational ambidexterity’: the ability of a company to manage its current business while simultaneously preparing for changing conditions. ‘You often see successful organizations failing, and it’s... Read More »


A Pre-written Business Plans Is As Useful As…

by Tim Berry

Frustration: People asking me (via email) “where can I find a business plan for …” some specific type of business. I get that a lot. Prewritten business plans. Sigh… Here: A pre-written business plan is about as useful as somebody else’s year-old airline and hotel reservations. A pre-written business plan is about as useful as somebody... Read More »


Willamette Angel Conference Invests More than $450K

by Tim Berry

Yesterday’s Willamette Angel Conference (WAC) 2013 event invested more than $465,000 in four Oregon startups, highlighted by more than $250,000 in Portland-based Sonivate, which has developed a fingertip-mounted ultrasound probe that enables imaging while leaving both hands free to do work with simultaneous tactile feedback. Three other startups got WAC investment at the event: Amorphyx,... Read More »


Q&A revisited: Really, How Do I Sell My Idea to a Big Company. Part 2.

by Tim Berry

Irony: This post from about a year ago explains why you can’t sell an idea to a large company, and recommends not even trying. And dozens of reader comments ask how to do exactly what the post itself says they shouldn’t even try. And I get more comments all the time, plus emails on my... Read More »