Revising the Root Canal Theory of Business Planning

by Tim Berry

For years I’ve lived with my own “root canal theory of business planning.” Do the Google search for that phrase and you’ll see that my previous writing about this comes up first. Like root canals, business plans were something people dreaded, but needed. Happily, things have changed. For today: lean business planning Unlike a root canal,... Read More »

Plan Run Review Revise

Business Planning for the ‘Lean Startup’

by Tim Berry

Nothing related to startups should be carved in stone. Best practices can be useful but are best taken as suggestions, not rules. So I’m troubled to see some of the “lean startup” advocates get into the codification business. I very much respect lean startup thought leaders Eric Ries and Steve Blank and the methodology they popularized at the end... Read More »

Form Follows Function

Planning Principle: Do Only What You’ll Use

by Tim Berry

Efficient business in general means avoiding waste, doing only what has value. Therefore the right form for your business plan is the form that best serves your business purpose. Furthermore, for the vast majority of business owners, the business purpose of planning is getting what you want from the business – setting strategy and tactics,... Read More »


About Things Not Going According to Plan

by Tim Berry

So things don't go according to plan. Big deal; change happens. Does that mean your plans failed? No. Not if you understand planning and work it correctly; at least, not with business planning. I don't know about diets and life... Read More »

Lean Business Planning

Your Lean Business Plan Might Not Need That Market Analysis

by Tim Berry

I've been focusing lately on the difference between your core business plan and the information and analysis and presentation additions that are really dressing, not plan. Too many people assume that a business plan necessarily includes background and supporting information.... Read More »

Dr. Gupta on Benefits of Weed

The CBD Ingredient of Marijuana Offers New Business Opportunities

by Tim Berry

As states move toward legalized marijuana, most of the fuss so far is about pot as recreational drug, all of which has to do with the THC ingredient, the key to the marijuana high. But marijuana also contains another ingredient, CBD, which doesn’t generate a high, but may offer interesting health benefits as a happy... Read More »


Important Pitch Lesson: the Best Business Plans Change

by Tim Berry

My favorite moment in a recent business plan contest: The entrepreneurs put up a projected income slide. One of the judges commented that what was on the slide was different from what he saw in the business plan. The entrepreneur immediately answered “no, of course not, that was an earlier iteration.” Business Plans Change. They... Read More »

Debits and Credits Video

Startups and Business Owners Will Thank Me for Posting This Debits and Credits Video

by Tim Berry

Business owners, startup founders: Do you know debits and credits? If so, cool, you know why I’ve posting this here as my Friday video. And if not, do yourself a favor and stick with this post and this video for a few minutes. You’ll be glad you did. It’s 13 minutes. If you go through... Read More »

A Bad Idea

Business Plans are Always Wrong

by Tim Berry

Yes, I admit; I’ve used “business plans are always wrong” a few times in slides, blog posts, and even in both of my two latest books. It’s an important concept. Way too many people misunderstand the point of business planning and assume that because we can’t predict the future, we shouldn’t plan. Which prompts me... Read More »

Plan Run Review Revise

Lean Plan and the Business Model Canvas

by Tim Berry

Early this month I tweeted out my recent post on business planning as dashboard and GPS. #smallbiz Owners: planning, not #businessplan Lean Business Plan as Dashboard https://t.co/qECGn2CSTm pic.twitter.com/IGyowg9DnI — Tim Berry (@Timberry) May 3, 2016 Which prompted this response, from Antony Upward: @Timberry agree – any updates on how business modelling fits into this from... Read More »