Calling All Oregon Startups

Calling All Oregon Startups

by Tim Berry

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Willamette Angel Conference Invests More than $450K

by Tim Berry

Yesterday’s Willamette Angel Conference (WAC) 2013 event invested more than $465,000 in four Oregon startups, highlighted by more than $250,000 in Portland-based Sonivate, which has developed a fingertip-mounted ultrasound probe that enables imaging while leaving both hands free to do work with simultaneous tactile feedback. Three other startups got WAC investment at the event: Amorphyx,... Read More »


Q&A: How Do I Finance My Company Without Losing Control?

by Tim Berry

Question: I need $250,000 to get my business started, but from what I see on the web, I’m going to have to give away the business, practically, to get that money from investors. And I don’t want to borrow the money because it’s a startup and I can’t be sure I’ll succeed. My answer: You... Read More »


Do You Have What Investors Want?

by Tim Berry

What do investors want? I’ve read more than 100 business plans in the last two months. Entrepreneurs are overwhelmingly predictable on this point. Investors want disruptive. Investors want game changing. But not just saying it. Being able to believe it. Two of every three plans says it. Only a very few make it actually believable.... Read More »


Interesting Idea for a Hybrid Crowdfunding Solution

by Tim Berry

This is interesting: what if some crowdfunding sites limit the investing to so-called “accredited investors” as defined by the SEC. I just read David Rose’s take on this at Quora. David mentions two sites, his own and angelist, that already group accredited investors. Up to now they work as platforms for getting investors together... Read More »


Is Venture Capital Gone Forever

by Tim Berry

I completely agree with Steve King of Small Business Labs, in Is the Venture Capital Industry Broken? He says: The news here isn’t that the VC industry is broken. This has been actively discussed for years. The news is who’s saying it’s broken. Which is, in the flap this month, the Kauffman Foundation. The Kauffman Foundation has long... Read More »

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3 Essential Truths About Startups and Investment

by Tim Berry

Today I’m answering, with this post, a lot of similar questions I get often in email, where somebody is asking me how to get connected to or hooked up with or recommended properly for angel investment. Here are some unpleasant and unpopular facts about startups and investment. Only friends and family believe in you and... Read More »


Disrupt Education … Please!

by Tim Berry

I wonder if we as a society are ever going to figure out how technology can disrupt our antiquated systems for educating our children. Think about what’s happened to information, social interaction, research, and business over the web — not to mention mobile technology — and then think about education. Preschool, K-12, and higher education.... Read More »


What Kickstarter Means to You — Maybe

by Tim Berry

I’ve had several visits to in the last week. First because some friends of mine are looking to launch a project there. Second, because I’m getting so interested in crowdfunding. Third, because of the Three Years of Kickstarter Projects infographic on At kickstarter, I saw the Pebble project that’s raised more than $8... Read More »


On Building a Business Because the World Needs It

by Tim Berry

I’ve posted about Arcimoto on Up and Running almost two years ago. It’s a local (Eugene OR) business based on building cool, fun, and economically accessible electric cars, like the one shown here. It was a startup then, one with a believable team and a vision to build on. Two years later, it’s still a... Read More »