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Bogus Experts Give Bad Startup Advice

by Tim Berry

How many self-styled startup experts have actually started a company? How many have gotten a startup to critical actually know what they are talking about? The online world of startup experts is infested with people who don’t know what they don’t know. I guess these people read the same tired clichés that sit in rich... Read More »


Two Big Problems with MOOCs

by Tim Berry

You know of MOOCs, right? Massively Open Online Courses. It seems like such a great idea, a solution to education, productize courses and make them available. If only it were just about the learning. We have Udemy, Udacity, Khan Academy, and dozens of others. After all, learning is learning. It doesn’t take tens of thousands... Read More »


What If You Answered Those Spam Emails?

by Tim Berry

In this TED talk, comedian James Veitch answers emails offering wealth in gold. It’s pretty funny, a nice 10-minute break for a Friday. I’m not happy with the ways this embeds on this blog, so if this doesn’t give you a good screen display in the resolution you want, then you might want to try... Read More »


Does Business Education Keep You in a Box?

by Tim Berry

Last week, I posted a rant about the stupid meme that pits entrepreneurship against education, as if young people are supposed to choose one or the other, but not both. I called it Young Entrepreneurs: They are Lying to You. But I like paradox, and I like uncertainty, and I also like to remember that... Read More »


New Dictionary: F*cking Means Really. Seriously. Dammit.

by Tim Berry

Hey, younger people, are you really all okay with f*cking as a synonym for really? Seriously. Do we need a new dictionary? I caught a great post on Medium the other day: Jon Westenberg’s Why Copying the Habits of Successful People Won’t Make You Successful. Toward the end, he comes up with a brilliant highlight... Read More »


Young Entrepreneurs: They Are Lying to You

by Tim Berry

All over the web, on Q&A sites, blog posts, and so on, in panels and conferences, and in the occasional book, know-it-all alleged experts are lying to young entrepreneurs about the value of education. They sprout clichés that are unrealistic, impractical, and that when taken to an extreme, are even tragic. Lie: A startup is better... Read More »


Best Startup Business Ideas for 2016

by Tim Berry

The best startup business idea for 2016 is one that matches your unique background, experience, and preferences with something that people need, want, and will pay for. It’s about you and your customers, not the idea.  Stare at a mirror and think about who you are, your resources, what you like to do, what you know... Read More »

Lightning storm

Short Story on The Importance of Defining Blame

by Tim Berry

(Note: I happened on this story here on Quora, as an answer by Prashant Sharma. I decided to share it here because I like it. ) A bus full of passengers was on its journey. Suddenly the weather changed and there was a huge downpour and lightning all around.  The passengers saw that lightning appeared to strike their... Read More »


What’s Wrong with Business Networking?

by Tim Berry

I’m starting to realize I hate the word “networking” used as a verb, meaning – apparently – some variation on connections with people for self-serving business use. Business networking my [whatever].  I’m pretty sure people are actual living breathing human beings, for the most part. Not nodes. Not assets. Not resources to be tapped later for... Read More »


Why Failure is Your Key to Success

by Tim Berry

“The taboo against uttering the F-word grows stronger the closer you get to the top … But here’s where they’re wrong (aside from their egos, and simply being delusional): talking about failure is recognizing reality, and as long as you come to grips with that reality, you have a chance to succeed.” That’s from Fran... Read More »