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Please Join Me in San Francisco Jan. 23 0

I’m looking forward to giving one of the keynotes Jan. 23 in San Francisco at the conference, a worldwide gathering of iOS (iPhones and iPads) app developers. conference

I’ve titled my session “Do It.” That means setting goals, setting steps to accomplish those goals, setting metrics, tracking, reviewing regularly to manage and follow up. That means working on developing lines, not dots, to use Mark Suster’s great metaphor for business progress. 

It’s a lot like managed motion: Look ahead, set steps, measure, track, review, and revise. Although some would call that management. 

So although I’ll be talking about planning, the emphasis is on the process that creates progress, not the so-called plan. A specific plan gets obsolete in a matter of weeks, at best. Planning, like management, is never obsolete. 

I hope to see you there. Here’s a link for more detail about my session